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Then and Now

1    Is This The Way You Say Goodbye

2    Down In Texas

3    Livin' Together Lovin' Apart

4    Woman Stealer

5    My Marie

6    You Make It So Easy

7    You Lay So Easy On My Mind

8    Freda Comes Freda Goes

9    The Love She Offered You

10   Hey Baby

11   You Are My Special Angel

12   Spanish Guitars

13   You Took Her Off My Hands

14   Home Movies

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1. You Lay So Easy On My Mind
2. Mountain Of Love
3. Have I Told You Lately
4. I Don't Wanna Think About It
5. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
6. The Whole World's Makin' Love Again Tonight
7. Sugar Shack
8. Volare
9. You Give Me You
10. You're The Reason
11. Make It Feel Like Love Again
12. Write Me A Letter
13. I Love You Because
14. From A Jack To A King
15. It Is No Secret


$19.99 (Free Shipping)

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Bobby's Best

1. Break The News
2. Every Moment, Every Hour
3. Under The Midnight Lovelight
4. Roses Rain and Sunshine
5. Sun Kissed Morning
6. Jimmy's Girl, Betty Jo
7. Sugar Woman
8. Bud's Bounce
9. Butterfly Woman
10. Just A Dream
11. Sweet Lil' Ol' You
12. Down And Out


$14.99 (Free Shipping)

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